Keynote Speakers

Prof. (Dr.) Hisao Ishibuchi, Fellow IEEE

Chair Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Title: Difficulties in Performance Comparison of Evolutionary Multi-Objective and Many-Objective Optimization Algorithms Abstract: A large number of non-dominated solutions (instead of a single final solution) are usually obtained by applying an evolutionary multi-objective optimization (EMO) algorithm to a multi-objective problem. Thus the comparison of different EMO algorithms needs the comparison of different solution sets. The quality of a solution set is usually measured by performance indicators such as the hypervolume (HV) and the inverted generational distance (IGD). In this talk, we discuss difficulties in the comparison of different EMO algorithms through such a performance indicator. First, we briefly explain evolutionary multi-objective and many-objective optimization. Next we discuss the specification of the population size for comparing different EMO algorithms. In general, an appropriate specification of the population size is different for each EMO algorithm.... Read more

Dr. Valentina Salapura, IBM Research, Fellow IEEE, ACM Distinguished Speaker

Master Inventor; Cloud Computing
Thomas J. Watson IBM Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA
Title: The Ubiquitous AI Revolution: Processing real world information in mobile devices and the cloud Abstract:  Ubiquitous smartphones with a large number of sensors, such as optical, audio, and GPS are emerging as a fast, intelligent and contextually aware computing platform.  At the same time, powerful cloud computing and fast networks make large computing resources available relatively inexpensive and accessible.  Together, ubiquitous real world data and ubiquitous access to inexpensive high-performance computing are propelling artificial intelligence to become foundational technologies for a new generation of intelligent applications by teaching computers to learn to recognize and understand real world data. Bio: Dr. Valentina Salapura is an IBM Master Inventor and System Architect at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. She is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology and an IEEE Fellow. She is the founder and co-chair of the Career Workshop for... Read more

Prof. (Dr.) Dipankar Dasgupta, Fellow IEEE, ACM Distinguished Speaker

Director, Center for Information Assurance Professor of computer science, Dr. Pat E. Burlison Professor of Computer Science , Department of Computer Science
The University of Memphis, Memphis, USA
Ttile: Puzzle-based learning in Cyber Security Education Abstract: Different forms of puzzles are in existence for people to think, expand knowledge and stimulate their cognitive ability.  Puzzle-based learning has proven to result in a better STEM learning environment in mathematics, physics, and computer science. However, no such work has been done in computer and cyber security. We recently introduced puzzle-based learning to basic cyber security education. We believe that such interactive learning will help students to understand complex cyber-attack paths and find countermeasures for fraud detection, cybercrime, and advanced persistent threats (APTs). Students will learn not only to protect a specific system but also an entire class of systems with different hardware/software components and architectures, providing similar services. We hypothesized different level of puzzles for introducing content knowledge i.e. puzzles have different difficulty levels like some popular... Read more

Prof. (Dr.) Ujjwal Maulik, FINAE, Humboldt Fellow

Professor and Chair Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India
Title: Machine Learning and Data Science  Abstract: In this lecture first we try to understand some basic tools of Machine Learning. In this regard both supervised and unsupervised machine leaning algorithms will be discussed in detail. Also we will show their utility for analyzing images as well as gene expression data. In the second part of the lecture we will focus about the basic issues and challenges in data science.  We will start from simple to complex data and finally discuss about big data analysis. Some real life examples will also be provided.  Biosktch: Dr. Ujjwal Maulik is a Professor in the Dept. of Comp. Sc. and Engg., Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India since 2004. He was also the Chair of the Department from 2016-2018.  He did his Bachelors in Physics and Computer Science in 1986 and 1989 respectively. Subsequently, he did his Masters and Ph.D. in Computer Science in 1992 and 1997 respectively. He Chaired the Department of Computer... Read more

Mr. Indrajit Sanyal, Senior Director, Erricson India Global Services

Head of Service Delivery Unit Cloud & Nfv Infrastructure
Business Unit Digital Serivces Ericsson
Indrajit is responsible for the Global Service Delivery of Cloud and Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure in Business Unit Digital Services in Ericsson. He is also a member of the Digital Services 5G program and responsible for Service Readiness. Indrajit & his team of experts support Ericsson customers to transform their network and implement the virtualization and 5G journey. Indrajit graduated from IIT Kharagpur in 1992. He joined Ericsson in 2011. Before Ericsson, he had successful career in Tech Mahindra, UshaComm and Essar. He brings 26 years of diverse experience in ICT industries. Indrajit also champions Ericsson’s industry-academia collaboration with various Universities. He is a member of the IT Committee of Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCC&I) and participates as a speaker in different key industry events in India.